A List of Cheap Shopping Tourism In Yogyakarta

Here is a list of cheap shopping tourism in Yogyakarta to buy souvenirs of jogja. For those who have a buget mediocre, the following be the right choice for you to cheap shopping tourism in Yogyakarta. You can buy craft items, batik, T-shirts, and other souvenirs at low prices but with a condition you must "clever in bargaining".

Malioboro Street

Malioboro is the iconic center of cheap shopping tourism in Yogyakarta. Along Malioboro street lined various vendors selling various kinds souvenirs ranging from t-shirts, clothing, batik, pants, until the beaver craft items such as key chains, blangkon, and others. To buy at a cheap price then you need to find out tips of how to bargain in shopping tourism in Malioboro. One of the tips is you have to bargain half price from the list price of the goods offered by vendors. However, not all souvenirs can in bargaining. There are items such as t-shirts with fixed prices.

As the center of cheap shopping tourism in Yogyakarta, Malioboro is not only filled with street vendors, but it also seem some shops and malls which quite cheap in selling stuff. There are Matahari in Malioboro Mall with a variety of discounts. There is also the Ramai Mall which famous as trading center mobile phone or smartphone. In addition, there are many stores selling typical food of jogja such Gemah Ripah and bakpia pathuk. Special factory of bakpia Pathuk is located rather far from Malioboro street. There are two types bakpia that recommended, bakpia 75 and bakpia 25. If you are going to buy bakpia, you should go straight to the manufacturer. This is because you will get bakpia still warm and the price is relatively cheaper than in the agent.

Beringharjo Market

The next of cheap shopping tourism in Yogyakarta is Beringharjo Market. This market is located in the tourist area of ​​Malioboro. This market is famous as a center of the clothes cheapest shopping tourism in Yogyakarta. Clothes are sold here such as batik, shirts, bed linen, blankon, and so forth. To get a cheap price then you must be good at bargaining because it uses bargaining system such as in other traditional markets.

Solo street (Urip Sumoharjo Street)

Besides Malioboro, there is another shopping center in Yogyakarta. Solo street (Urip Sumoharjo street) is also known as a center cheap shopping tourism in Yogyakarta were crowded in the visit by the tourist . This region is famous as a places for shopping a good dress materials, batik, and T-shirts that relatively cheap . Many shops selling clothing materials along this street. In addition, there are many street vendors selling various foods and goods accessories such as sunglasses, watches, and footwear.

Klitikan Market

Klitikan market is a place of cheap shopping tourism in Yogyakarta that specialized in selling secondhand items. There are various kinds of used goods are sold here with quality is still quite good. There are various items that are sold in this market such as electronic tool, automotive, dan clothing. This market place is quite far from the Malioboro area. So if you are interested in this market, you must use a vehicle to going to this market. Hopefully, a brief review of cheap shopping tourism in Yogyakarta can provide benefits to you.

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