Adenanthera pavonina (Saga Tree)

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Adenanthera pavonina is a species of tree. This tree used for its timber and also known as Barbados pride, Coral-wood, Coralwood, Peacock flower fence, Red beadtree, Red sandalwood tree, Red sandalwood, Sandalwood tree, Saga.

The following is a Scientific classification to Adenanthera pavonina. Kingdom :  Plantae, (unranked) :  Angiosperms,  (unranked) : Eudicots,  (unranked) : Rosids,  Order : Fabales, Family : Fabaceae, Genus  :  Adenanthera,  Species :  A. pavonina.

This tree is useful for nitrogen fixation, and it is often cultivated for forage, as a medicinal plant, and as an ornamental garden plant and urban tree. The beauty of the seeds, their use as beads and for necklace, and their nourishing qualities (the raw seeds are toxic but can be eaten when cooked), have combined to scatter the plant

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