Advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy Y CDMA Esia Version

The advantages of this phone is fairly economical price mobile phone with a capable features and the Android operating system is Gingerbread (best in class smartphone Andrroid). Stylish design and easy to grip, with the user interface is very easy to use. Although the CDMA network, but this phone has the ability to download files quickly by using EVDO which has a speed equal to 3G. EVDO Esia bundling of Aha were also seen enough speed to support the process of downloading or bufering.

This phone has a 2MP camera which is on the back is quite good when taking pictures for inside and outside the room. The phone can be connected to the WiFi network, so that browsing speed can be higher, according to the available WiFi networks.

Disadvantages of this phone is the phone actually looks very small and less satisfied if it is used to enjoying entertainment content, such as watching videos, and play games. QVGA TFT screen causes the resolution of the image becomes less clear. Especially when playing games, it looks bland and less interesting. Sometimes these phones sometimes prefer to slow down when used for gaming and if it has been too long used continuously, the phone get hot. The camera is not supported with flash, so the results of portrait lighting in a room that will look less blurry. The battery easily drained when used to play games and watch videos.

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