Asean Primary Schools Mathematics Olympiad 2003 (Part 1)

Here is a sample essay questions used in the Asean Primary Schools Mathematics Olympiad. You can use it to practice your students at school. You can also find information about other math olympiad by clicking the link below this article. May be useful.

Question 1 :

Now, we are in the year 2003. The ratio of age of my father, my mother, and my younger brother is 12 : 9 : 1. Five years from now, my father will be 41 years old. In what year was my younger brother born?

Question 2 :

Laila's savings in a bank is $100. Tina's savings is $40. Every end of the week, Laila withdraws $3 from her savings. At the same time, Tina always deposit $2,40 into her savings. After how many weeks will Laila's savings be $6 less than Tina's savings?

Question 3 :

The product of two positive integers is even, but not divisible by 4. Is their sum odd or even?

Math olympiad questions that others may be searched and downloaded through by clicking the link below.

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