Asean Primary Schools Mathematics Olympiad 2003 (Part 2)

Here is a sample essay questions used in the Asean Primary Schools Mathematics Olympiad. You can use it to practice your students at school. You can also find information about other math olympiad by clicking the link below this article. May be useful.

Question 4 :
On the table, there are 6 coins each of the values $5, $10, and $50. Deni takes $75. The number of coins Deni takes is more than 5, but less than 9. Does Deni take all the three types of coins? If not, which type does he not take?

Question 5 :
The weight of a small box, two medium boxes and a large box altogether is 10 kg. The weight of the small box, two medium boxes and two large boxes altogether is 15 kg. What is the total weight of two small boxes and four medium boxes?

Question 6 :
Replace the letter A with an odd digit and the letter B with an even digit, so that 12 is a factor of the number A579B. Find the all posible values of A579B.

Math olympiad questions that others may be searched and downloaded through by clicking the link below.

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