Asean Primary Schools Mathematics Olympiad 2003 (Part 4)

Here is a sample essay questions used in the Asean Primary Schools Mathematics Olympiad. You can use it to practice your students at school. You can also find information about other math olympiad by clicking the link below this article. May be useful.

Question 10 :
If the pattern bellow is continued, what is the percentage of the area of the shaded regions in the third picture conpared to the area of the largest square?

Question 11 :
Four wheels A, B, C, and D are connected by belts, see figure. The wheels B and C are fastened together. The diameters of wheels A, B, C, and D are 12 cm, 36 cm, 9 cm, and 27 cm, respectively. The wheel A turns at a speed of 450 rotations per minute. At what speed does the wheel D turn?
Question 12 :
Three circular disks of radius 7 cm each are bound tightly with a belt, see figure. What is the length of the belt?

Math olympiad questions that others may be searched and downloaded through by clicking the link below.

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