Bay of Fundy has the highest tide in the world

Bay of Fundy is located on the East Coast of Canada. It has a wide bay of 270 km ² and stretches from the northern coast of Maine into Canada between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This bay is a magical phenomenon in the natural world.

Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world that is as high as 16.2 m. Every day, as much as 100 billion sea water will flow into and out into the bay. He took the 6 hours and 13 minutes to be in full tide. This phenomenon can be viewed 2 times per day. Attach these extremes makes marine ecosystems are dynamic and diverse.

Here you can also see the beautiful scenery of steep cliffs. In addition, there is also a volcanic rock that reveals a large number of fossils and other signs of life of millions of years ago. The bay is famous for its coastal rock formations, extreme tides (vertical, horizontal). It is also a critical ground, a place for migratory birds, found the rare and endangered habitats. In this place also found fossils of plants and animals.

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