Be careful if you eat shellfish

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Currently, shellfish consumed by many people as seafood. To cook the mussels into a delicious seafood, you need a shellfish recipes. If you are a fan of seafood in the form of shells, then you should be careful. Shells during life plays like a vacuum cleaner. These animals will suck anything that is nearby. Heavy metals can be sucked up by shellfish. Heavy metals will not affect any of the shellfish because shellfish can manipulate heavy metal. If these heavy metals into the human body, it will disrupt the body's health.

Shellfish have a role as bioindikator to know the quality of water. If in the waters there are many shellfish, the water quality needs to be asked. This is because the nutrients needed by living shellfish to include nitrogen and phosphate. Both substances are derived from domestic wastewater. shellfish now widely cultivated by the fishermen. This is because the shellfish population decreases.

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