Be careful in consuming black forest cake

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Black forest cake is one of the much-loved by the community. This cake is usually served as birthdays or weddings. This cake includes chocolate cake which was added various kinds of ornaments to beautify the appearance. The materials used in the manufacture of black forest is flour, softener, chocolate, margarine.

Be careful with the black forest on the market for rum is usually added. Rum is one type of wine or liquor. Rum there are many different forms. Rum-shaped pasta is usually added into the cake batter. Rum in the form of liquid is usually sprayed on the finished cake before and after being given the toping.

Rum is one kind of wine that is a common and already used by mothers to make a cake. Rum is one type of beverage or wine is prohibited consumed by Muslim consumers. All types of food that contains or added rum in it to be not lawful for Muslim consumers. Therefore, should a Muslim do not eat black forest using rum.

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