Bu Tinah Island is rich in biodiversity

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Bu Tinah Island is located in the middle of the formation of reefs and seagrass beds are an area of ​​about 25 km south and 35 north Zirku Marawah, United Arab Emirates. The island is rich in biodiversity because it is located in the Marine Biosphere Reserve Marawah of more than 4,000 sq. km.

Bu Tinah Island is actually a group of islands that joined in the low waters. The main island has a sheltered lagoon which opens to the south with a low energy environment. It allows adults to grow mangroves. There is also the habitat of coral reefs here. The number of coral reefs that were as many as 16 species of coral.

This island is the habitat of living creatures that are being developed. This area is a unique living laboratory for climate change research. Natural habitat here is different from the shallow waters, seagrass beds and mangrove other high. The waters of this island is home to the dugong. This animal is an endangered marine mammal. About 600 of 3,000 dugongs are estimated to live in the waters around the island of Bu Tinah. Bu Tinah island region is unique because although it has a temperature and high salt content but rich in biodiversity.

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