Chao Phraya River

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Chao Phraya River is one of the beautiful river in the country the white elephant, Thailand. The uniqueness of this river is a pier where ships store owned by the Kingdom of Thailand that is still well maintained. In addition, there are catfish in a monastery where the tourists can be a member to eat fish with bread. This catfish can grow fast and live at peace because the people of Bangkok have confidence must not interfere with the catfish that live in front of the monastery.

In this river there is Wat Arun, a beautiful temple in Thailand whose walls decorated with colorful glass and ceramics from China. The temple has a height 67 meters. The temple was built 170 years ago by King Nang Klao practice or Rama II. In this temple. Many there are various souvenir cheaply.
(image source : safaribumi.blogspot)

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