Come on! Save the bats in Indonesia!

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Giant flying fox bat species are mammal endemic in Indonesia. It has a wing expanse until 6 feet. These animals are threatened with extinction. Indonesia has about 225 species of bats.

Factors that cause these animals are threatened with extinction, among others, the existence of limestone exploitation by humans. Limestone quarry is home to bats naturally so will disrupt the life of this animal. The second factor, namely an speleologi or caving (cave searches.) These activities disturb the bats are hibernating. The third factor, namely the use of pesticides on insects that are considered pests. If the insects are exposed to pesticides consumed by the milk of female bats bats will be affected by pesticides.

Bats have a very important role for the ecosystem. Bats can be very helpful to balance the ecosystem. One colony of bats can consume tons of insects each evening. For comparison, a brown bat can consume 600 insects in an hour. Thus, we can save 50 percent of the use of pesticides. Bats also play an important role in spreading seeds of fruits such as mango.(Source image

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