Curug Cipendok waterfall: Best Natural Tourist Destination in Banyumas, Indonesia


Curug Cipendok waterfall tourist attraction has a pretty lake with crystal clear water surrounded by forest and the surrounding unspoiled. In addition, travelers can also hear the sounds of rare birds such as the Javanese eagle circling above the lake. Moreover, for the lucky visitors can see a kind of endemic species of gray monkey that rek-rek. This waterfall has become a mainstay attraction besides Baturaden Resort. Cipendok waterfall is a waterfall with a height of 92 meters which is located on the slopes of Mount Slamet. Cipendok waterfall has a special attraction, because the environment is truly natural. Silence is still very pronounced, because there is a lot of travelers who come to enjoy its natural beauty. Eve in the cool surroundings and along the way there are plantation area. Around the area there are camping grounds and a lake called Telaga Pucung.

Tourist attractions are included in the area of Perhutani Forest Management Unit (Perhutani Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan or KPH) East Banyumas is beginning to be addressed with a variety of facilities, as a tourist destination is officially made. KPH East Banyumas has equipped with parking, rest areas, and bathrooms. In fact, Perhutani has given the names of the rare trees that live there. Another goal is for the students, in addition to enjoying the outdoors, they also can recognize the rare plants that live in that place. Curug Cipendok be beautiful.

Curug Cipendok waterfall located in the village Karangtengah, District Cilongok, Banyumas. The location of the waterfall is quite easy to achieve. The road to the site is paved all. Until a parking location, then have to walk to the location of the waterfall. On the road to the location, many stalls selling Mendoan, pure milk which can be found in houses stalls. Plantations of tomatoes, peppers and celery quite interesting be benefited on the way to the location. Not to mention the small streams of clear water flowing premises, could be invited to come down for a moment to feel cool and crystal clear mountain water. When the big day as Eid holiday, the location was quite crowded every year. Curious is not it? For you nature lovers should try visiting these attractions .

To enter the location of the Curug Cipendok waterfall, can be reached via the Purwokerto town, heading down Jend. Sudirman street, in the direction of the square. Then straight to the highway junction Cilongok to Losari, about 14 km from Purwokerto. Furthermore, there is a sign in the form of a yellow beacon lights, you turn to the right to the location by a distance of about 8 km. From the highway Cilongok to the location with the condition within 8 miles up and winding road, but it has been smooth asphalt.

For those who do not have a private vehicle or would like to visit the Curug Cipendok waterfall region without using a personal vehicle, can take advantage of public transport (Koperades). The public transport route lines have Ajibarang-Losari-Kalisari-Karangtengah-Lebaksiu-Cipendok waterfall. On a normal day this Koperades usually only serve the Ajibarang-Losari-Lebaksiu (Karangtengah), but can be rented (chartered) to carry travelers who want to go to the waterfall Cipendok. Normally for the traveler who wants to hire Koperades, could seek a fork in Losari (village Karanglo).

Between Curug Cipendok waterfall the car park about 500 meters remaining. But do not worry, travel 500 meters from the entrance to the waterfall will not make bored. On the contrary, the trip make visitors brought into the nature is still beautiful. With up and down the street, tourists who come will be greeted with the sounds of insects typical of tropical forests.

After walking about 15-20 minutes, prior to Curug Cipendok waterfall will roar like a heavy rain. That's the sound of a waterfall that drops from a height of almost 100 meters it. The cold air coupled with water droplets create an atmosphere of peace and fresh. If it was already daylight, sunshine makes the results reflected a thin rainbow water droplets that fall.

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