Excellent features of the HP TouchSmart 520 All-in-One PC

Features RecipeBox
This feature is used to store recipes and are suitable for the mother who like to cook and collect recipes. Collection of these recipes can be stored in one of the features available in this PC. First of all it should look for recipes through search engines like Google and others.

Once the recipe link address is found, the link can be stored into the feature RecipeBox by drag and drop. This can be done for all the recipes link. If one day like to cook, so this PC can be brought into the kitchen for cooking guide. Recipes can be stored and accessed anytime.

Features Magic Canvas
This feature as a Substitute Paper Messages in Refrigerator. If you have a habit of attaching messages to family members by using paper and taped to the refrigerator, it's a habit now can be modified at Magic Canvas HP TouchSmart.

With Magic Canvas, users can write messages using handwritten notes directly to a touch screen and stored and then displayed on the PC screen. Some messages can be combined like a refrigerator incorporating a message on the wall. PC screen wall serves as a gathering place of the message. Magic Canvas can also be enabled to make a birthday card, and other sayings.

HP Link Up
This feature allows users to turn on two PCs at once by simply turning on HP TouchSmart. When the TouchSmart PC is turned on, the user can turn on other PC by connecting a PC or laptop to PC TouchSmart.

Sending Email with Handwriting
PC users can write e-mails such as writing a letter. Users can write directly on the touch screen and can send them an e-mail address of the destination. HP provides a notes application that allows users to write letters by hand.

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