Green tea makes a healthy elderly

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Green tea has many benefits for health. Green tea contains antioxidants. A recent study in Japan showed that older adults who drink green tea regularly may make them more nimble and independent. Green tea contains antioxidant substances that form the compound EGCG. These substances can help prevent cell damage in the body. The scientists also have studied the effects of green tea and cholesterol in the fight against cancer.

Japanese researchers succeeded in observing the extent of the effects of green tea consumption reduces the risk of weakness and physical disability in older adults. The study involved nearly 14,000 adults age 65 and older. Results showed that participants who drank more green tea, are less likely to experience or suffer from "functional disability" during the next three years.

The results showed that nearly 13 percent of adults who drank less than a glass of green tea a day, at risk of functional problems. While those who drank at least five cups a day, have a lower risk, which amounted to 7 percent.

Green tea extract can increase leg muscle strength in elderly women. In general, green tea is considered safe when consumed in moderate amounts. Green tea also contains caffeine, which some people may need to be avoided. In addition, green tea also contains small amounts of vitamin K, which means it can interfere with the work of a drug such as warfarin (to prevent blood clotting).

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