Gudeg is cuisine of jogja

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Gudeg is the most popular food in Yogyakarta as well as for the tourist. These foods taste sweet, savory, and slightly spicy. Gudeg made ​​of jackfruit or "gori". Jackfruit cooked for hours until brown, mixed with palm sugar and coconut milk with added vegetable side dishes krecek shredded (pieces) of chicken or duck egg.

When the morning is easy to find the sellers gudeg on street corners for breakfast pagi.Gudeg prices vary according to with flavor and the seller. These foods can be durable, and more and more delicious taste. Gudeg usually served with rice and krecek (cowhide) and boiled eggs or chicken. Some sellers gudeg Jogja is well known in mbarek warm, warm Djum Yu, Gudeg Hj Ahmad, Gudeg claw and others. If you go to Jogja do not forget to taste it.

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