Historic Hotels in Indonesia

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Since 1910, Indonesia has been known as a world tour of exotic places around the world, especially the European mainland. The development of tourism in Indonesia can not be separated from the development of the hotels which is a retreat for foreign tourists. Luxury hotels are located in Java, Medan, and Makassar. For those of you who want to enjoy the thrill of history while sightseeing, these hotels can be an alternative place to stay for you and your family.

Ambarukmo Palace Hotel, Yogyakarta
The hotel is located in the Pesanggrahan Ambarukmo. This vacation home was built by Sultan Hameng Kubuwono V. Garden area of ​​the king, into the hotel while Balekambang to the pavilion as a cultural heritage remains intact.

Majapahit Hotel, Surabaya
The hotel was built in 1910. Now, the hotel has become one of tourist destinations in Surabaya. One hotel room is no such thing as free rooms, the rooms are used Charlie Chaplin, an actor famous in 1936. This room has a bedroom and living room.

The Heritage Salak Hotel, Bogor
The hotel was built in 1856 and was named Bellevue Hotel Dibbets. In 1998, the hotel was renamed The Heritage Salak Hotel by the addition of new buildings. Old buildings rich with history and architecture typical of the Dutch colonial period is maintained.

Kempinski Indonesia Hotel, Jakarta
At the beginning of the hotel, the hotel known as Hotel Indonesia is often abbreviated as "HI". This is the first tallest building in Jakarta. The hotel is built from the spoils of war with Japan. The hotel can not be separated from the figure of Sukarno, Indonesia's first president. Soekarno was to be the originator of the hotel. In the hotel there is a legendary restaurant called Signatures Restaurant.

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