How do you go to Central Java?

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If you will visit to enjoy the charm of travel in Central Java, then you can choose the following transportation alternatives:
Air Path
There are two major airports that you can use to reach Central Java.

  1. Achmad Yani Airport in Semarang. This airport serves domestic flights only. Existing airlines are Mandala, Bouraq, Derayu, and Garuda.
  2. Adisumarmo Airport in Surakarta or Solo. This airport serves domestic and international flights.
  3. Airport Tunggul Wulung in Cilacap. The airport is not that big and usually serve a direct flight to Jakarta.

Here are some addresses airlines offices in Semarang and Surakarta.

Bouraq Indonesia Airlines
Jl. Gajah Mada 61 D
Tel: (024) 3543065

Garuda Indonesia
Jl. Pandanaran 116-120 (Graha Santika Hotel),
Tel: (024) 8449331
Jl. KH.Ahmad Dahlan No.2 (Hotel Horison Semarang)
Tel: (024)
Achmad Yani Airport Complex
Tel: (024) 7606116

Mandala Airlines
Jl. Letjend. MT. Haryono 864
Tel: (024) 844737
Achmad Yani Airport Complex
Tel: (024) 7603011

Merpati Nusantara Airlines
Jl. Gajah Mada 17
Tel: (024) 3517137
Achmad Yani Airport Complex
Tel: (024) 7605269


Bouraq Indonesia Airlines
Jl. Gajah Mada 86
Tel: (0271) 634376

Garuda Indonesia
Jl. Slamet Riyadi Brigjend 201 (Cakra Hotel)
Tel: (0271) 630028
Airport Adisumarmo
Tel: (0271) 782171

Silk Air
Jl. Brigjend. Slamet Riyadi 272 (Novotel Hotel)
Tel: (0271) 724606
Airport Adisumarmo
Tel: (0271) 782195

Sea lane

If you want a trip by sea sambio enjoy the beauty of the sea and the sea south of Java, then you can choose sea transport. There are two major ports in Central Java, namely the Golden Horn harbor in Semarang (Java Sea) and Port of Tanjung Intan Cilacap (southern sea).

Some of the ships owned by PT. PELNI regular shipping service between Semarang and other big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Padang, Medan (Sumatra), Banjarmasin (Borneo Island), Makassar (Sulawesi), Gorontalo, Manokwari, Jayapura (Papua island), Bali, Lombok, etc .

Terrestrial Path

Ground transportation which can be used that is Bus.Jawa Central Railway and has two main roads connecting with the other four provinces (West Java, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and East Java), namely the path north and south lines.

Northern railway line linking Jakarta-Semarang-Surabaya while while the southern path connecting Jakarta-Bandung-Surabaya-Navan.

Prices vary according to class trains. Economy class with the cheapest price is Tawang Jaya train, Tawang Mas, Kertajaya and Brantas while intermediate rates or business (without AC) is the main train Dusk and Dawn morning train includes main and executive class with the most expensive is the cost of train Argo Bromo , Argo Muria, Sembrani, Kamandanu, Argo Lawu.

Tawang Railway Station: +62 024 355 2093
+62 024 358 2859

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