Iconia Tab A101 as a companion gadget for high mobility

Iconia Tab A101 is suitable as a companion gadget, for various purposes when he needed a high agility. Its 3G capabilities make Iconia Tab A101 does not depend on the presence or absence of WiFi locations to connect to the internet.

This tablet has a 7 inch screen size. This small size allows it to be taken with more practical, for example, included in your back pocket. Iconia Tab A101 has a case made ​​of aluminum on the back. Smooth surface but when viewed looks like there is texture. Section "skin" is another of the devices made ​​of plastic. Need to be somewhat careful not to fall because the plastic is susceptible loose.

The tablet has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The resulting image is sharp and good for indoor use. Dual Core Tegra processor in it to support the performance of this device. High Definition gaming applications can run smoothly on it.

Iconia Tab A101 has a rear camera 5MP and 2MP camera front. The resulting images show that the device is not intended as a substitute for photographic cameras. However, the choice of filters and features on cameras and video applications to be solace enough luggage. One of the highlights, there is the ability of time lapse video. Iconia Tab A101 can be connected with high-definition devices via HDMI output (mini) so that we can enjoy video content with a larger screen,

Acer Iconia Tab A101 uses the Android operating system Honeycomb 3.2. Fortunately, the choice of applications for Honeycomb already started a lot. Ranging from productivity to social media.

However, to make the main device is still difficult. Tablets are currently available, any brand, there is not suitable as the main working tool. You may be able to browse and download information about other gadgets by clicking the link below.

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