Is it true that frogs can detect earthquakes?

Most animals that live in soil such as frogs are usually very sensitive to signs of an earthquake. Frogs usually live in water and on land. Based on studies conducted by several scientists indicate the presence of colonies, leaving the frog pond a few days before the earthquake occurred. The study was conducted in L'Aquila, Italy, in 2009.

The case is different from other animals who left their homes before the earthquake. Frog L'Aquila went dramatically. 96 frogs away from the pool for 3 days. Tests in the laboratory from the beginning stated that changes in the earth's crust, can directly affect the chemical in the pond where frogs live and breed it.

Chemical chain of events that may affect the organic matter dissolved in pool water, thus converting organic material into harmless substances that are toxic to aquatic animals. The findings are published in the International Journal of Research and Public Helath Environtmental. You may be able to download and search for other scientific articles by clicking the link below.

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