Kimchi is a traditional Korean food

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One of the traditional Korean food is kimchi. These foods include one type of pickled vegetables fermented the flavored spicy. Vegetables that have been washed and given a special seasoning salt mixed with kimchi. This seasoning is made from krill shrimp, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and red chili powder.

Vegetables are most commonly made ​​kimchi is cabbage and radish. Kimchi was originally pronounced as Chim-chae. Chim-chae means "vegetables are soaked."

Kimchi is usually served at meal time as one of the most common types of banchan. Kimchi is also used as seasoning during cooking kimchi soup (kimchi jigae), kimchi fried rice (kimchi bokkeumbap), and various other dishes. Let's try it. Kimchi feels really nice on the tongue.

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