Milford Sound and Huayna Picchu


Every one wait holiday with family or friends together. But, usually people are confuse to choose the holiday location. Huayna Picchu, Peru and Milford Sound, East Island, Selandia Baru  are beautiful place for family holiday. Following the place where you can choose for your holiday.

Milford Sound, East Island, Selandia Baru
There is waterfall which can you live. This location is very famous in Selandia Baru.  It is consist in  World Heritage Site Te Wahipounamu. You can go to this location by bus from Queen stown. The package holiday in this island have been include for lunch, rental boat, and walk on the beach.

Huayna Picchu, Peru
Huayna Picchu is located at heigt 9.000 meters. You can look ruins of Machu Picchu that is waken in 15 century. You are challenged  to climb the street that consisted rock and it is very slick.
Usually, every one bring the portable stove to make ham sandwich from Peru.

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