Mobile phones may lead to decrease in the number and quality of male sperm?

Cell phones are commonly used by some men turned out to be the closest enemy. This is because cell phones can lower sperm quality and quantity so that the bias has lead to infertility. This report was presented by the Journal of Andrology. Researchers in the United States (U.S.) and around the world have found that electromagnetic radiation of radio frequency (RF-EMR) emitted by cell phones can lower sperm count and quality.

The researchers focused on several studies of human sperm. Research on human sperm health conducted using healthy volunteers and non-smokers to test the RF-EMR radiation in the laboratory. They are divided into two groups, namely those who regularly carry the phone in front pants pocket and those who do not.

The whole sperm are exposed to RF radiation-EMR showed decreased sperm concentration, motility (ability of sperm to move toward the egg), morphology (size and shape of sperm) and sperm viability. Similarly, subjects who carry their phones in pockets, they generally have a lower sperm concentration. Further research needs to be done because it is currently not clear what type of phone or phone service (like GSM or CDMA) that cause worse effects on male reproductive organs.

Although it still can not deduce the truth of the effects of RF radiation, EMR, but a revealed fact, if too often keep the phone disaku front in a long time, the phone will generate heat and will damage the quality of sperm in the scrotum (sperm-forming that requires the temperature in average 4 degrees lower than normal body temperature).

Reproductive organs and the head area is part of the body is very sensitive and should be shunned from cell phone radiation. Normally all people when sleeping put the phone near the head or tend to leave their cell phone in front pocket, this is a bad habit and should be changed. (Source image :

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