National Mathematics Olympiad (Olimpicad) Part 1

The following are examples of questions used in the mathematical olympiad. You can use this problem to train students who will enter the competition math olympiad. There are many mathematical competitions at national and international level. Examples of math contest, held every year is the National Science Olympiad (OSN) and International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO). May be useful.

Question 1 :

Two boys are able to clean house within 4 hours and if done by the four daughters of the house can completed within 8 hours. Apparently at the time of communal work only came three sons and two daughters. How long the home can be cleared?

Question 2 :

The number of 5 consecutive even numbers is 110. The largest number of the five numbers is ...

Question 3 :

Among the 26 uppercase (capital) letters in Roman alphabet, how many letters that have at least 2 reflective axes of symetri …

Question 4 :

A rectangle has a circumference of 80 cm. If the comparison long with a width is 3:2. What is the difference in the length and width?

Question 5 :

How many two-digit prime numbers remain prime when the order of its two digits reversed?

You may be able to search and download the questions that are used in mathematics and science olympiad by clicking the link below. Thank you.

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