Experiment Of Science Olympiad (Soal OSN IPA SD) 2005

Below is a matter of National Science Olympiad For elementary school (Soal OSN IPA SD) used in the National Science Olympiad (OSN). The quetions consist problem solving OSN theory 1 , theory 2, and science experiment OSN 2005. You can download it by clicking on the word download in addition to the title the following exam in the second paragraf. You can use this problem to train your students to become the champion in the competition of national science olympiad. Good luck.

Determining the Acceleration of Gravity Earth

Every object is on the surface of the earth will fall to earth because of the force of gravity. The force of gravity causes objects to accelerate towards the center of the earth the same amount for all objects. Acceleration is called the acceleration of gravity. Many methods can be used to measure the acceleration of gravity. One of them is by using a simple pendulum. The pendulum is just a load of rope tied to the ends. The other end of the rope tethered to a fixed position

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