Nokia N9: Full Touch Screen and Easy to Swipe Operation

Nokia N9 is the first product of NOKIA phones MeeGo. The phone is very exciting because it has a full touch screen display and easy to swipe operation.

The form is nearly perfect box to make this phone looks difficult to carry the handheld. However, N9 was very comfortable to grip because it has a gentle curve in the corners. Even with a large enough size, N9 has a light weight (135 grams) so it will not interfere with the mobility of users.

3.9-inch screen with 854x480 resolution layer and make AMOLED displays graphical N9 very satisfactory. On the screen there is no water gap so that every color in the photos and video recordings performed optimally.

Operation N9 able to allow users to swipe motion. With just one swipe motion users can access the three main screens in the form of menus, notification and update social media, as well as an open application that displays all the applications you use. You will not fuss when I have to take a call during the middle to open the application, because the N9 will store all recently accessed applications.

N9 is also equipped with a high resolution camera is 8 megapixels, so users can enjoy the images are close to compact cameras in general.

N9 using a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). Only by attaching N9 up the speakers, users can listen to music stored in your phone through the speakers without having to be bothered with a cable connection. To turn it off, you just put back on the speakers N9.

Nokia provides three options for N9 attractive colors, namely black, cyan and magenta with a storage capacity of 16GB and 64GB. (source image :

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