Otak-otak Makassar

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If you go to Makassar, then do not let you miss the taste of Otak-otak Makassar. Otak-otak are foods that are wrapped in banana leaves is light green and fresh. Otak-otak made ​​out of Spanish mackerel fish, sago flour, coconut milk, and eggs and seasoning of garlic, onion, salt, MSG, pepper.

Otak-otak to be preserved until a few days should be stored in freezer and ready to be eaten with the burned first. Otak-otak that are large adult thumb width and length of 10 centimeters tempting to immediately taste when served hot after burning. It was chewy and the flavor is very pronounced Spanish mackerel fish. Moreover, coupled with the added spice tauco it steady.

By-the typical Makassar also other no less interesting, among others, green bananas, beans makassar, shredded fish, yellow sauce, passion fruit, ointment and silk typical Makassar

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