Phase vegetables of The Dukan Diet

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In this phase you may only add vegetables into proteins. Types of foods to avoid are foods containing flour (such as potatoes, sweet corn, peas, lentils, green beans, etc.). You must apply this two-phase alternating until you reach your desired weight (maximum weekly should only be down 1 kg).

You can start to eat a salad or soup, followed by meat or fish is sauteed with vegetables. The weight will drop about 900 grams a week.

The first phase has a bad effect. The first phase guarantees weight loss in large numbers and fast. Many patients Dr. Dukan lose weight by 3.1 kg in five days. However, due to diet in this phase is very low in fiber, you may experience constipation. In addition, you can also nutritional deficiencies. You are advised to take vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent this problem. Your cholesterol levels can rise because you are free to eat eggs and meat during this early phase.

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