Physics Olympiad For Senior High School (SMA)

Examples of probability theory Physics Olympiad for senior high school students we've uploaded. Here are examples of questions used in national physics olympiad for high school students. Hopefully helpful!

  1. A mass of 75 kg ice skater rotates two revolutions per second on a vertical axis that passes through the center of body mass, with open arms horizontal. Then he quickly pulled his arm into that pace angularnya into 6 rounds per second. Think of the open arms as long as a stick with a 1.4 meters and its mass 5 kg. Skater's kinetic energy increases as he pulled his arm into. Is this possible? If yes, calculate the accretion energy!
  2. On the back of a truck there is a rod with mass m and length l against the wall behind the truck. The angle between the stem with a truck floor is A. If the truck if dinidng slippery floors and, what is the acceleration required by the truck so that the stem does not slip? Stated in the g and A.
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