Prambanan Temple

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Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu heritage in Central Java and Yogyakarta. This temple is located about 17 kilometers northeast of Yogyakarta. Prambanan is a complex of enshrinement in the main temple facing east, with the overall shape resembles a shadow play increased up to 47 meters. Hinduism knows Tri Murti consisting of Brahma the Creator, God Whisnu as The Preserver, Lord Shiva as the Destroyer. The main hall of the temple is occupied by Lord Shiva as the Supreme Deity so it can be concluded that the temple is the Shiva Temple of Prambanan.

Prambanan Temple or Temple of Shiva temple is also known as Roro Jonggrang relate Legend narrating about a virgin who Jonggrang (tall) daughter of King Boko, the King is building a kingdom on the hill south of Prambanan, the temple edge bordered by a fence fence is decorated with reliefs story Ramayana can be enjoyed with berperadaksina (walking around the temple with a central temple is always on our right) through the passageway, the story continues on the fence fence Brahma temple, left (south) of the main temple. Is the temple baluster fence Whisnu located on the right (north) of the temple, there are reliefs depicting the story Dwipayana Krishna's childhood story of King as penjilmaan Krishna (incarnation) of God Whisnu in eradicating keangkara want to be mad at the world.

Booth overlooking the main temple in the north contains a statue of Durga, the consort of Lord Shiva. but generally the people calling for the statue of Roro Jonggrang, previously living body of a beautiful princess who was cursed by the Knights Bondowoso, to complement its ability to make sculpture a thousand people in one night. Brahma Temple and temple Whisnu respectively - each have only one room, occupied by a statue of the god - the god in question. The front third of the Gods temple Trimurti that there are three temples that contain vehicles or three gods, three gods are now in broken and the only temple in the middle (in front of the temple of Shiva), which still contains a statue lembuyang named Nandi (Lord Shiva vehicle). Goose statue as a vehicle of Brahma, and Garuda statue of the god Vishnu as the first vehicle is expected to fill the space - the space of the temple which is located in front of the temple deity, now lost.

The six temples is a group facing each other - before, situated on a square page, with a side length of 110 meters. In the courtyard of the temple was still standing - another temple, which is 2 brace temples with a height of 16 meters from the line of sight, which one stands in the north and the other standing in the south, 4 temple curtain and 4 corner temples. Pages in Hindu society is considered as the most sacred page, which is located in the middle of the page that features 222 meters, and at the beginning of the temple - the temple as much as 224 pieces ancillary lines - lines on a page in three rows.

Outside the pages still exist outside the pages of a square with sides 390 meters long, Prambanan Temple complex built by King - King Wamca (Dinasty) Sanjaya in the 9th century and is now a tourist attraction that can be visited every day between 6:00 a.m. to 17:30. Prambanan temple complex is located only a few hundred yards from the roadway of Yogya - Solo cross the busy public transport.

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