Problem of National Mathematics and Science Olympiad

The following are examples problem of global house national math and science olympic 2011. This problem can be used for Olympic training your students. Exercises and prayer is the key to success being the best theory and the best exploration in mathematics and science olympiad. Examples to this problem is " Complete this magic triangle so that the numbers along each side give the same sum. Use each of the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 only once. (You are required to give only one solution)".

During the first five months of 2004, a company suffered a loss, then gained profit in the remaining seven months. The biggest loss, occurred in March, was 10 million rupiahs. The lowest profit was 9 million rupiahs in June and the highest profit was 15 million rupiahs in October. At least how much was the company’s profit during the whole year of 2004?

The average score of a mathematics test in a class of 48 students was 80. Changes were made to the scores of two students. One score was changed from 86 to 93. The other score was changed from 85 to 84. What is the new average score of the test?

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