Sample Question (Soal Matematika Cambridge) of IGCSE Mathematics Paper 2008 part 4

Below is a matter of International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) used in the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). The quetions consist Math Question Paper 1, Math Question Paper 2, Math Question Paper 3, and Math Question Paper 4. You can download it by clicking on the word download in addition to the title the following exam in the second paragraf. You can use this problem to train your students to become the champion in the competition of national science olympiad. Good luck.

Beatrice has an income of $40 000 in one year.

  • She pays: no tax on the first $10 000 of her income; 10 % tax on the next $10 000 of her income; 25 % tax on the rest of her income. Calculate (i) the total amount of tax Beatrice pays, (ii) the total amount of tax as a percentage of the $40 000.
  • Beatrice pays a yearly rent of $10 800. After she has paid her tax, rent and bills, she has $12 000. Calculate how much Beatrice spends on bills.
  • Beatrice divides the $12 000 between shopping and saving in the ratio shopping : saving = 5 : 3. (i) Calculate how much Beatrice spends on shopping in one year. (ii) What fraction of the original $40 000 does Beatrice save? Give your answer in its lowest terms.
  • ┬áThe rent of $10 800 is an increase of 25 % on her previous rent. Calculate her previous rent.

Diagram 1 shows a solid wooden prism of length 50 cm. The cross-section of the prism is a regular pentagon ABCDE. The prism is made by removing 5 identical pieces of wood from a solid wooden cylinder. Diagram 2 shows the cross-section of the cylinder, centre O, radius 15 cm.

  • Find the angle AOB.
  • Calculate the area of triangle AOB, the area of the pentagon ABCDE, the volume of wood removed from the cylinder.
  • Calculate the total surface area of the prism.

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