Shanghai as a city shopping

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The city of Shanghai as a city famous for shopping. If you stop in this town, do not miss the opportunity to shop. You can find almost all kinds of stuff in this city. Lots of items that can be found ranging from clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, stationery, equipment furnishings, household equipment, and much more. The goods are labeled local or international.

Some places you can go shopping, among others:

Nanjing East Road
This place is special for pedestrians, which is equipped shops along the street.
Nanjing West Road
This place is dedicated to the public so many vehicles passing by. Here you can find a variety of international brands such as Gucci, Prada, and others.
People's Square - Hong Kong Famous Shops Street
Here there are small boutiques that sell clothing, bags and accessories.
Lu Bu Qi (Qi Bu Road)
This place is famous for as low-cost market as there are a variety of groceries that can be reached by the lower middle class .
Xu Jia Hui:
In this area are available various kinds of digital products, such as computers and cameras.
Huai Hai Road:
In this area, there are various kinds of top designer boutiques and international label.
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