Siwa is an oasis hidden in the middle of Egypt

Siwa Oasis is located 560 kilometers from the city of Cairo. This oasis is one of the most remote settlements in Egypt with a population of 30,000 people, mostly ethnic Berbers. Culture in Siwa somewhat different from other Egyptian culture. In the region of Siwa, free-flowing freshwater springs surrounded by hundreds of thousands of olive trees, fruit and palm trees, makes this place a shady and cool.

Siwa Oasis is the right sights for tourists who want to find peace by immersing the feet in the pool while drinking tea. Siwa consists of many springs pool, but the most famous of all these springs is Cleopatra Bath. It has very clear water. This place became a popular bathing spot for locals. There is also another bathing pool called Ain al-Arais. This place is a lake located in a cave under the crate.

Bir Wahed is an oasis of the most favored by tourists. This place is situated on the mound as high as that issued the jacuzzi hot springs of sulfur. At Bir Wahed, tourists can soak while watching the sunset on the hill. Siwa Oasis is the perfect place for those who want a quiet secluded place with local residents who maintain their traditions.

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