Successfully Curiosity Landing on Mars

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Spacecraft Mars Science Laboratory and its Curiosity finally landed on the surface of Mars that has most makes people curious. The successful landing of Curiosity marks another successful NASA space missions. It also marks the first successful landing six-wheeled robot beyond Earth. Curiosity landing after "Seven Minutes of Terror", the critical time when spacecraft entered the atmosphere, down, and landed on Mars. After landing, Curiosity is expected to examine the molecules that sustain life on Mars

Information from the National Aeronautics and Space United States (NASA) on its website stating that the site Curiosity landing in Gale Crater, near the equator or the equator of Mars, around 15:00 or 12:31 pm Mars time.

Once it enters the Martian atmosphere, a vehicle that took him to maneuver to slow the speed of up to an altitude of about 11 kilometers from the surface of Mars. Later expanded to supersonic parachute ride down to a height of 1.6 kilometers. The vehicle then took off retrorocket to guide landing Curiosity robot carries. Retrorocket then lower Curiosity robot using nylon strap with a technique called "sky crane". Once Curiosity touches the surface of Mars, nylon straps used retrorocket released and flew away.

Six-wheeled robot began to move on the surface of Mars. Curiosity is expected to examine the molecules that sustain life on Mars as well as solve the mystery of the evolution of Mars. This success also marks the first successful six-wheeled robot landed on Mars. (Source :

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