Taroko National Park Is The Best Natural Tourism In Taiwan

Taroko National Park is located in the east of Taiwan. It lies across 3 administrative areas, Hualien County, Taichung County, and Nantou County. Taiwan's Central Cross-Island Highway crosses the park, which is at the eastern end of the highway. When Taroko National Park was established on November 28, l986, it was of special significance for the environmental protection movement in Taiwan: it showed that both the public and the government agencies had realized that against the background of the nation's four decades of extraordinary economic success, serious damage was being done to its natural resources.

According to the National Park Act of the Republic of China (passed in l972), Taroko National Parks are established to protect the natural scenery, historic relics and wildlife; to conserve natural resources; and to facilitate scientific research and promote environmental education.

The trip to Taroko National Park was very enjoyable. Beautiful scenery unfolding before my eyes. However, for those who are unfamiliar with the winding road will feel nauseous and dizzy. The trip to Taroko really fun. Winding roads and beautiful views. You will take about 3 hours to the Taroko National Park of Shangrila Leisure Farm. Entering the Taroko National Park area, you can see the breathtaking scenery. Towering walls of the Taroko marble walls and lots of nesting birds nest. River water flowing beneath the blue. Rocks in Taroko not be retrieved and taken home.

Travelers do not need to spend money or free to enjoy Taroko National Park. The best way to enjoy these cliffs and canyons that is off the bus and on foot. Down the road at the edge of the abyss and look down. You will find so crystal clear bluish water flowing river in between the rocks. How this is done because the buses are prohibited from parking haphazardly. There are special parking places in Taroko and it was not allowed to linger. The cool air in Taroko further add to the spirit to know better the longer Taroko. More detailed information about Taroko National Park, accessible via http://www.taroko.gov.tw/English/.

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