Borobudur Temple Is A Indonesia Tourist Attractions in Central Java

Site and Structure of The Borobudur Temple
Where is borobudur indonesia? Borobudur temple is situated in the Regency of Magelang, Central Java province. The site is ideal, it is situated in the heart of Java island, beautifully surrounded by mountains. On the South and South-West Menoreh mountains. On the North and North-East by Merapi and Merbabu volcanoes, on the North-West by the volcanoes Sundara and Sumbing. The monument took-place on 265 m above sea level. Borobudur was built on the top of a hill. Which has a natural core of volcanic tuff, covered with a variable layer of sandy clay fill.

Quite different from many other sanctuaries, Borobudur has no neither a clearly marked entrance nor room to receive visitors. It is a massive structure. The monument itself of kind stepped-pyramid with six quadrangular galleries at the base, followed by three circular terraces and the whole is surmounted by a big stupa. The base of the monument measures about 118 m, the top stands at present 36 above the foot of the monument. The pinnacle of the central stupa being uncomplete. In the middle of each side of the edifice there are stair cases that give acces to the upper part of the monument.

The original base, then so called the Hidden foot (rediscovered by accident in 1885) is unlike the present one. The additional heavy wall of stones, covering the oroginal base in intented to support the edifice and to prevent it from sliding off its completion.The encasement encircling the foot of the monument, now form a wide processional path. The are circular terraces on the upper structure are adorned with 72 lattice dagobs, arranged in three concentric circles surrounding the main stupa.

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