The characteristics of heart disease

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Be careful with heart attack, you can simply die if too late to help him. Deteksilah early heart attack by knowing the baseline characteristics of people who suffer from heart disease. Characteristics vary, depending on what heart disease is experienced. Acute coronary heart attacks have chest pain characteristics, such as punctured.

Not all places in the chest area can be considered as an acute heart attack. There are certain places and often times do not just taste like punctured. Symptoms can also be accompanied by a sense that spread to the arms, back, accompanied by cold sweat, feeling depressed pounding like heavy objects, and several other symptoms.

At the heart disease caused by heart failure had no chest pain characteristics at all and can be dominated by a sense of shortness of breath, can not sleep on your back, legs swollen, not strong to walk away, and many more.

Very rare incidents of heart attack or heart failure at a young age. However, it is not possible when considering lifestyle factors and unhealthy behaviors. Daily activities can also affect heart disease.

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