The Life Cycle Of Salmon

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Salmon is a fish of the sea. These fish belong to the family Salmonidae. These fish migrate from the sea to fresh water when it will breed (spawn). After the eggs hatch, the tiny salmon will go from river to sea. Salmon have a life span of about one to five years before reaching the age of sexual maturity. Adult salmon will return to the place where he was born to breed. Half of the adult salmon will die within a few days to weeks after breeding.

To go to the breeding process, several types of salmon develop fangs. They will be a dark color. Salmon do travel a great distance. Salmon can wade through the river as far as 1,400 km and climb as high as 2100 km from the sea to the place where they were born.

During their stay in fresh water and estuaries, the young salmon eat insects, amphipoda, and other crustaceans. When the salmon has grown up, they will eat small fish. Salmon has a nutrient content of omega 3 fatty acids are high. These nutrients are useful for intelligence, prevent senility, and helps baby's brain growth and nervous.

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