The Milky Way has a milky white color

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The color of a galaxy is very important because it can reveal the activity that happens in it. The Milky Way hard to see the color because it was in the position of gas and dust enveloped. The scientists analyzed the colors of this galaxy using the results of research and images of nearly a million other galaxies for comparison.

The analyzed images derived from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The project has measured nearly a million galaxies, including color. Armed with that information, and by using only the number of galaxies and new stars production rates comparable to the Milky Way, scientists successfully demonstrated with an accurate range of color of the Milky Way.

The results showed that the Milky Way should be near the line dividing the two classifications. This means that our galaxy is one of the brightest spiral galaxies. It also can reveal that now we are heading for the end of the galaxy formation process.

When lighting levels are low, the human eye does not perceive colors sentsitif. however, the space research groups have now succeeded. Milky Way galaxy turns completely white or white as milk.

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