The process of Grand Canyon formation

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Grand Canyon early occurrence factor is the collision of two plates. When the Pacific Plate and the North American continental plates collide, creating an ancient mountain range is very big and tall. Over time, these ancient mountains and then eroded. Earth's climate is uncertain where these mountains eroded. When the sea level rose, the mountains sink to the ocean floor. When the tide is low mountains appear again. Arise drowned mountains marked trail of layers in the Grand Canyon.

When the mountain was sinking, sea sand cover, and marine animals living on it. As mountains rose again to the surface, deposition of sand is still there, as well as marine animals on it. This is evidenced from the discovery of many sedimentary rocks (sediments) in the Grand Canyon. As you know, rock sediment can only be formed at the bottom of the sea or shallow water. The marine animals can be encountered in the top layer of the Grand Canyon in the form of fossils. We can find fossils of sea creatures such as brachiopods, corals, mollusks, sea lilies, or marine worms there.

Another factor that has contributed greatly to form the Grand Canyon is the Colorado River. When the Colorado Plateau rose as high as 3 miles from the sea surface by the action of tectonic plates, the river is immediately cut off the Colorado Plateau, through the Grand Canyon. So, when the land around the river rose to the top, this would split the Colorado river deeper. The river is eroding the walls of the Grand Canyon. eroded cliffs. Erodes the ability of this river is amazing. Each day, the Colorado River ran half a million tons of scraping into the Pacific Ocean.

Actually, the world's deepest gorge Grand Canyon is not the 'only' depth of 1600 meters. There are some other very deep abyss. Like, Colca Canyon (3200 m) and Cotahuasi Canyon (3535 m), both in Peru. However, what makes the famous Grand Canyon is the uniqueness of its structure, colorful landscape and history of the earth contained therein. That is why, why Grand Canyon which has a length of 446 km and a width of 6-29 km's, visited by millions of tourists every year. Making the Grand Canyon as one of the most famous attractions in the world. That said, the number of tourists who visit the Grand Canyon each year over 5 million people.

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