The question of Up contest (math competition) 2004 part 2

The question that are used in Up contest (math competition) 2004 has been uploaded. You can use these questions to your students practice in schools. This problem is also commonly used in the global house of national math and science Olympiad. Good luck!

Question 6 :
There are 20 children at a party,1/2 of them have brown hair and 20% have black hair. The rest have blond hair. How many have blond hair?

Question 7 :
Arjun wants to cover his wardrobe door with photos of his friends. The pictures are all 10 cm by 15 cm. His wardrobe door is 0.6m by 1.8 m. How many photos will he need if he wants to leave no spaces?

Question 8 :
A chocolate bar is 4 blocks wide and 6 blocks long. Jim breaks a row of the short side and eats it. Mary then breaks a row off the long side and eats it. What fraction of the block remains?

Question 9 :
John tells the truth on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He lies on all other days. Dieter tells the truth on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He lies on all other days. One day they both said, “Yesterday I lied’. The day they said that was ....

Question 10 :
Equilateral triangles of the same size are joined along edges (so that their vertices touch). What is the smallest number of triangles needed to form a hexagon (a six-sided shape)?

You may be able to search and download the questions and explorations that are used in mathematics Olympiad by clicking the link below.

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