The question of Up contest (math competition) 2004 part 1

The question that are used in Up contest (math competition) 2004 has been uploaded. You can use these questions to your students practice in schools. This problem is also commonly used in the global house of national math and science Olympiad. Good luck!

Question 1 :
Cody has $42 and Chris has $26. How much do they have together?

Question 2 :
Brian arrives at the station at 10:07 but is 15 minutes late for his
train. At what time did his train depart?

Question 3 :
If I can walk 1 km in 10 minutes, how far can I walk in an hour and
a half?

Question 4 :
A torch uses 3 batteries every 6 hours. How many packs of 4 batteries
will you need to run the torch for 30 hours?

Question 5 :
There are 10 telegraph poles in a straight road, 100m apart. The
distance from the first to the last is...

You may be able to search and download the questions and explorations that are used in mathematics Olympiad by clicking the link below.

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