How to enjoy the komodo dragons in Komodo Island

Komodo National Park is a natural habitat for komodo dragons. This animals live in this place freely without cages. If you visit the komodo island, then you will see the dragon directly. Komodo dragons are wild animals and carnivor. This animal has a vision that is not sharp, but has the sense of hearing and smell are very sharp. You should be careful while enjoying the beauty of the komodo dragons in their natural habitat.

The following are tips that can be used while enjoying komodo dragons directly.

  1. You have to walk in groups. Komodo dragons usually preys on animals alone.
  2. Never far from the ranger who act as guides. A ranger must have been provided with the ability to face the komodo dragons. If we are near the ranger then it would be safe if at any time attacked by komodo dragons.
  3. Do not make sudden movements.
  4. You have to run in zig-zag if the chase komodo dragons and climbed to high ground.
  5. Do not climb a tree, because komodo dragons are 1 to 2 year old likes to climb trees.
  6. Be careful with the komodo dragons that silent. Silent movement komodo dragons used to deceive its prey.
  7. You are not allowed to noisy and do not use perfume.
  8. Women who are menstruating should not visit the Komodo Island. Komodo dragons is very sensitive to the smell of blood.
  9. Should not start a fire.
  10. Using cotton clothing that absorbs sweat, sunblock and a hat.
  11. You can buy souvenirs on the Komodo Island. Souvenirs in this place is very diverse and cheap price. You can buy a variety of wood carvings and pearl necklace.
  12. You must bring a camera to capture landscapes. This place is very amazing.
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