Tips to prevent poison attack tomcat

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Tomcat or Paederus insect beetle can discharge poison if squeezed. Tomcat toxic liquid called paederin can cause skin conditions such as burns, discharge and itching. These insects have habitat in the rice fields, forests or parks of the city and usually attack if threatened. Here are tips on how to prevent attacks tomcat.

  1. Do not squeeze tomcat when the insect is perched on a limb. This is done so that the poison does not come out so it is not on the skin.
  2. Wear long sleeves and closed if it goes into the fields to avoid the attachment of these insects on the skin.
  3. Close the doors and windows of the house when the night to avoid tomcat go into the house.
  4. Use mosquito nets when sleeping in an area that is widely available tomcat.
  5. Do not rub the skin or eyes if tomcat attached to the skin.
  6. If tomcat attached to the skin then remove carefully. Remove them by blowing or using the paper to pick it up.
  7. Turn off lights when you sleep because of tomcat are looking for light at night.
  8. Clean skin patch used tomcat with running water and soap to neutralize toxins.
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