Tomcat as natural enemies of planthopper

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Tomcat is an insect of the genus Paederus growing in the soil and prefers damp areas. Area of ​​rice is a favorite habitat of this insect is due to moisture and provide a meal of brown planthopper. At the end of the rainy season or at harvest, rice was taken and the effect on planthopper populations. This will disturb the habitat of these animals.

When the end of the rainy season, tomcat already in the adult or imago. Insects can fly foraging habitat so that when disturbed, the insect species are beetles will fly to find new habitat. When flying beetles that might be interested in the light of this finding the location of the attack in a bright apartment. Tomcat is not actually sting and bite. However, when disturbed, the insect will excrete toxins named paederin. This fluid causes the skin to blister and residents experiencing itching. Fluid can be squeezed out if this insect.

Mangrove areas into one of these insects because of moist habitats. If disturbed, the insect can fly around and attack. If the mangrove forests have been damaged, it is logical to the apartment when the attack occurred around the mangroves because insects are bound to find a new environment.

Tomcat has a black head and chest and belly, orange. Size of approximately 1 cm tomcat with wings that do not cover the entire abdomen.jika tomcat perched on the skin, the citizens do not need to squash it. This insect is quite driven by blowing or paper. Makes the push of insect venom discharge.

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