What is snow?

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Have you ever seen snow? Maybe for people who live in sub-tropical climates or cold is no stranger to snow. However, for those who live in tropical climates, it is almost impossible to see snow directly. Most Indonesian people may have never seen snow forms directly. They usually only see on television, newspapers, magazines, or other media. Except at the top of the mountain Jaya Wijaya in Papua, Indonesia. This mountain has a height of about 5030 m, allowing the snow. Well, then what is the snow? Here is a brief explanation of the snow.

According to an article written by Prof. John Surya, which was published in http://www.mediaindonesia.com, "snow is granular ice or snow is frozen water. The hail was formed from the vapor in the air. If air is in extremely cold temperatures, the vapor in the air will change the form of snow. "

Based on article from Pustekkom, published in can be stated also that snow is water that falls from the clouds that had been frozen into a solid (such as rain). Snow is a form of crystallized water ice that formed from a variety of pieces. These pieces called snowflake. Snowflakes form from about 2-200 fractional snow crystals. This snow crystals are formed when ice sticks to the sand or soil powder scattered in the air. These crystals will then join and form snowflakes. Snowflake shapes that are of different kinds, depending on the temperature of the air around it when formed.

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