Why do our bodies feel “hot” and sweating during cloudy weather?

Perhaps we often ask why when the clouds in the sky look black, which is a sign of rain, the air around the hot? Why the cloud can cause our body "hot" and sweating? Though dark clouds cover the sun so it should not feel hot? Here are the answers and explanations of the questions.

When clouds look black (during cloudy weather), there was a process of change in water vapor (gas) turns into water (liquid). In this process some heat is released into the air. The clouds were dark black (during cloudy weather) usually is not too high compared to the white clouds, so the closer the distance to the surface of the earth, the effect of heat released increasingly felt. This condition would be hotter if before the sun shines hot, so hot that we feel is the accumulation of the release of energy from the phase change of water vapor into water and residual heat energy emitted earth.

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