Wildlife Museum in East Java Park 2 (Jatim Park 2)

Wildlife Museum is presenting animals preserved and ancient fossils are imported from various countries across the continent, such as the Americas, Africa,  Asia, Australia, Europe, Arctic, and Antarctica. Objective of establishing the East Java Park 2 as the Institute for Ex-Situ Conservation of Wildlife, then all the animals preserved in the Museum of Wildlife is obtained not intentionally hunted but is derived from the preservation of animals that have died.

Establishment of Wildlife Museum is based on the Desire for knowledge and learning applied to visitors, especially school age as a supporter of animal learning are presented with a background suitable habitat and the actual size. In addition to wildlife preservation in the present, Wildlife Museum also presents a replica of ancient animals such as Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Mammoth, and other replicas of ancient animals.

For lovers of the insect, you can enjoy the Insectarium is exhibiting a collection of hundreds of species of butterflies, beetles, grasshoppers, spiders and other insects from various countries.

Each day visitors will be exciting entertainment in the form of Ice Live Show which told of peace and destruction of nature caused by human. At the end of the show, children will be invited to dance and sing with the animals with rain snow bubbles that can add to their happiness.

For school groups who wish to gain a more complete knowledge, this museum provides a science fauna room in which there is a mini library containing books on flora and fauna. This book as supporting literature contained in the existing signboard in each diorama or information provided by officers who are in all areas of the Wildlife Museum. Science fauna room can also be used as a room for discussion and quiz on-demand group of schools, with prizes for participants.

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