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37 Best Beaches in Bali with White Sand, For Swimming, Snorkeling, and Diving


Bali Beach – This article will give you reference about the best beaches in Bali that you shouldn’t miss (with photos). If you come to Bali, it is only natural if you want to know the best Bali beach that you can visit. Being one of the beautiful places in the world, Bali is known for its natural view and surrounding. It has a nice mix of traditional and modern elements, along with the unique cultural heritage and impressive history.

Among the many tourists attractions in the island, there are some of the best beaches with each signature characteristic. Some beaches are known for their secluded location while some are popular the magnificent view.

best beaches in bali
Best beaches in Bali

Lists of the Best Beaches in Bali with White Sand, For Swimming, Snorkeling, and Diving

Among the best things to do in Bali, going to the beaches is definitely one of them. You may want to avoid the stereotype popular beaches like Kuta, unless you enjoy the noise and the crowd. It is a good thing that Bali has some of their hidden treasure although some of the beaches may be located outside the main island. Here are the top beaches that you should visit when coming to Bali.

1. Mushroom Beach, Nusa Lembongan

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Nusa Lembongan is a small island with two beaches. One is Dream Beach while another one is Mushroom Beach. The latter one is more popular as an exclusive commercial establishment with the luxurious bars and also hotels. It is popular for the white sand and the big waves, perfect for surfing.

This beach is mostly visited by foreigner tourists. Reaching the beach is pretty easy because you can use the speed boat or a regular boat from the harbor of Padang Bai or Sanur beach. The view is definitely wonderful and you will have a memorable experience.

2. Green Bowl Beach

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Among the many secret beaches in Bali, Green Bowl Beach that is on the southern side of Bali has its own appeal. The southern area of Bali is hilly and not many tourists are coming there. Besides the amazing waves, making it perfect for surfing, the location of the beach is pretty unique.

You have to go down hundreds flights of stairs before you can come to the beach. The setting is pretty natural and somewhat raw. There are lots of monkeys there, so you should be careful when driving.

Also known as the Bali Cliff beach or Hidden Beach Ungasan, this beach provides a quiet holiday spot. When compared to other Bali tourist places, this one is definitely much quieter and more peaceful in a sense. If you want to avoid the crowd, you have come to the right place.

3. Crystal Bay Beach

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Snorkeling or diving is definitely one of the most likable Nusa Penida activities, mostly because of the clear water and the calm diving setting. You should be able to see various schools of fish. Crystal Bay Beach alone is located in Banjar Penida, located on the north western of the island. Want to swim with mola mola? You can do it in this beach, especially in between the months of July and September.

4. Suwehan Beach

Want to visit another secluded but beautiful beach? You should check the eastern side of Nusa Penida to find Suwehan Beach. It is one of the cleanest sandy beaches offering various types of adventures for those who are into it.

However, if you are looking for more peaceful and quieter place to spend your holiday, this is also perfect because only a few tourists come to this area. Enjoying cool ocean air is super fun, and you can also swim in some of the safe areas.

5. Kelingking Beach

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Kelingking Beach Secret Point is a hidden beach in Nusa Penida, in the south western of the island. You can only explore the beach or go up the hills – those are the two choices that you can do when visiting the place. There won’t be any accommodation (hotels or motels) nearby but you will definitely love the view. A lot of people come there for the sake of the view and the unique shape of the horseshoe cliff.

However, different people have different opinions about the shape of the cliff. For some, it looks like a pinkie finger while for some it looks like the roaring T-Rex. Whatever shape the cliff has, the view is simply breathtaking although it lack of safety infrastructure.

6. Atuh Beach

Among the many places to go in Bali, you should visit Atuh Beach. It has the nice combination of everything. White sandy beaches with amazing water view from atop are just perfect. Do you want to take pictures? You can definitely do it and you will get tons of Instagram-able shots.

It is still natural and it is not so crowded and full of people, and yet it already has some of the developed infrastructure for tourism, such as hotels, restaurants, and such thing alike.

7. Pasih Uug (Broken Beach)

This beach has a unique name, which means damaged (broken) beach in Balinese. Why Pasih Uug should be in your beach must-visit list? It is mostly because of its own charm and appeal. The beach has great scenery, with the blue sea and green hilly sections.

It shares similar beauty as Uluwatu but it is quieter and more serene, perfect for those who want to expect less crowded setting. The area is so natural that you can only reach it on foot or by bike.

8. Angel’s Billabong Beach

A lot of people come to Angel’s Billabong beach during their honeymoon because of the privacy and the unique shape. A lot of people name it the infinity pool with marvelous green water and quiet surrounding. It’s like having your own private pool but with marine lives in it. Yes, you will see fish swimming around you. It would be better if you can come there where the tide is low.

9. Balangan Beach

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Balangan Beach is set as a commercial tourism infrastructure so you should be able to enjoy the view as well as the facilities. Want to surf? Feel free to do so. It is pretty close to Kuta so it is popular and yet not so swarmed with people. If you want to enjoy the golden sand and the limestone cliffs while enjoying your peaceful moment, this is the right spot to go to.

10. Blue Lagoon Beach, Padangbai

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If you don’t mind traveling to the eastern side of Bali, you will find this secluded and hidden beach. Blue Lagoon Beach has rocky hills and green view on both of its side. There are food stalls selling drinks and snacks. If you are thinking about snorkeling, you have come to the right place. You will enjoy your private time without being bothered by lots of people. It’s like having your own beach!

11. Enjoy the Private and Exclusive Nuances in Karma Beach

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Bali has become one of Indonesia destinations that visited by a lot of people from any part of the world. Therefore, the hustle there is inevitable either. However, there is one place that’s still quiet, away from the hustle of people or tourists. It is Karma Beach. There, you can also enjoy the beach club which offers you such a private place.

This beach that used to be called with Nammos Beach is considered as one of the best private beaches in Bali. Privacy is very well-maintained here. By paying IDR 500.000, you can enjoy a private beach all day long – along with the foods and beverages. This place is probably a little bit expensive, but it is very recommended for you who seek tranquility in your honeymoon.

12. Moments of Arts and Serenity in Kubu Beach, Ayana Resort Jimbaran

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If you look another quiet spot in Bali during your honeymoon, then you should check Kubu Beach, Ayana Resort Jimbaran. It is one of the best beach resorts in Bali which offers contemporary and ethnic touches during your stays. The beach is very serene and the resorts are full of arts as well as Balinese ornaments.
Moreover, the staffs are also very professional. There is a private pool for you who would like to enjoy the greenish scenery with swimming. Well, you will not want to leave the moment since your feet touch this place. Yes, it is very heartwarming.

13. Simple Destination for Your Honeymoon in Padang Padang Beach

Bali totally has bunch of beaches spreading around this beautiful island. If you like animals, especially monkeys and seek a cheaper place for your honeymoon, then Padang Padang Beach is the answer. This beach is not too vast like the common beaches in Bali. This place is also quiet crowded every single day; all day long.

In addition, the place is kind of a little bit dirty due to the massive visitors every day. However, it is considered as one of the best beaches in Indonesia. Many tourists like to soak up the sun or sunbathing together there with family, friends, or spouse. Even at night, they still flood this place lively.

14. Stunning View at Suluban Beach (Blue Point Beach)

Suluban Beach (Blue Point Beach) is a must-visit beach located only 31 kilometers away from the capital city of Bali. The name ‘Suluban’ comes from Balinese word ‘mesulub’ which means ‘walking through a place that is located above a human’s head’. This is due to the fact that the visitors here have to walk through a passage way between two coastal cliffs before reaching the shore.

Meanwhile, the name ‘Blue Point’ comes from a villa nearby called Blue Point Bay Villas & Spa. As a part of Bali points of interest, the beach offers stunning view and incredible waves to surf. No wonder there are many foreigners who like to surf here.

15. Dolphin Watching at Lovina Beach

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Located 10 kilometers away to Singaraja, Lovina Beach is family-friendly destination and it is ideal for adventurers to do many kinds of activities. From the ordinary diving to diving on coral reefs, fishing or snorkeling, the most famous activity here is watching the dolphins.

The best time to dolphin watching is around 06:00 am to 08:00 am. It is recommended for those who want to watch the dolphin to arrive at beach at 05:30 am. The dolphin watching is free but you need to rent a traditional boat to go to the middle of the sea.

Well, the name ‘Lovina’ comes from ‘love’ and ‘ina’ which means ‘love Indonesia’ and was coined by the King of Buleleng Regency, Anak Agung Panji Tisna.

16. Enjoying the Nature at Amed Beach

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It takes the whole three hours’ drive to reach Amed Beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport. However, if you are a keen diver, it would not be a problem. It is located near Tulamben, the place where the shipwreck of United States cargo, the USAT Liberty, can be found. The beach is recently included in Bali tourism as the locals used to be traditional salt farmers.

The stunning view that is offered by the beach and many divers who come to the place help the locals to improve their living standards, as well as their health and education. Aside from diving, it is also a place ideal to relax and enjoy the wonder of nature in Bali.

17. Lovely Sunset at Dreamland Beach

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15 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Dreamland Beach offers majestic view and consistent yet powerful wave for those who like to surf. It is one of the top three white-sand beaches in Bali. Well, it is also called as New Kuta Beach Bali.

For those who are not a keen surfer, they can also swim on the shore, simply strolling around the shore, or building sand castles while sitting in the shore sipping cold drink and enjoying snacks. As a part of top destinations in Bali, there are many couples who shoot their pre-wedding photos here. The best time to visit this beach is around 05:00 pm to 06:30 pm to enjoy the sunset.

18. Relax Your Body and Soul at Pandawa Beach

Approximately 18 kilometers or one hour away from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Pandawa Beach provides the calm and serene atmosphere most suited for those who want to relax. Most foreigners know this place by the name ‘Secret Beach’ or ‘Hidden Beach’, but the locals call it ‘Kutuh Beach’ since it is located in Kutuh Village, Badung, Bali.

The name ‘Pandawa’ comes from the five brothers from the epoch Mahabharata. Mostly people come to the beach to surf, but there are also many activities to do without waves. Swimming, making sand castles or simply sitting on the shore enjoying the stunning view is some of them.

19. The Fusion of Serenity and Harmony in Bias Tugel Beach

Bali is considered to be the home for the best beaches in Asia. Located near Padang Bai Harbor, Bias Tugel Beach is one of those beaches in Bali. This place is very serene due to its hidden location or in other words, pretty far from the hustle of Kuta.

You can see the best sunrise as well as sunset here quite clearly. Moreover, you can also see boats and ships that will cross to Lombok. This beautiful beach has three layers of color in its ocean. For you who like to enjoy the peacefulness of waves, this place is the answer.

20. A Hidden Uniqueness of Perasi Beach / White Sand Beach / Virgin Beach, Karangasem, Bali

Perasi Beach / White Sand Beach / Virgin Beach, Karangasem, Bali is one of hidden beaches in Perasi village. This beach can be said as pretty unique due to the white color of its sand. For your information, the other beaches in that village have black sand. Afterward, the way to get there is also difficult due to the position that’s still secluded.

However, this place is quite worthwhile with the effort to get there. The serenity is unquestionable; the ocean is very clear and charming; and the sand is also clean and soft. Well, this beach is totally exotic and worthwhile to be visited for.

21. Dream Beach, Nusa Lembongan Offers Serenity in the Center of City

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Bali is considered as one of the most exotic Indonesian islands, for local or international tourist. This place has so many nature destinations as well as beaches. Among all of them, Dream Beach, Nusa Lembongan is the one which has quiet atmosphere. This beach has a pretty clear ocean and the waves are also pretty strong – not too much.

Moreover, this place is equipped with hotel and private swimming pool. Children are safe to be around in the area of that wonderful beach. Therefore, it is very suitable for you and your family who would like to seek serenity, but still at the center of city.

22. Melody within the Waves and Sunset in Batu Belig Beach

There is one beach in Bali that has the most exquisite sunset rather than the rest. Its name is Batu Belig Beach. Located in Kerobokan, this place has such extraordinary waves. It always sounds like a song or lullaby whenever your feet touch the shore, especially during sunset.

Well, it is recommended for couples or newlyweds due to the romantic atmosphere that this beach has. However, this place is also suitable for family or people who would like to enjoy the holiday. This amazing beach will never fail you to make you gap in awe. You should visit it when visiting Bali.

23. A Memorable Vacation with the Fusion of Sunset and Seafood in Jimbaran Beach

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If you are currently visiting or planning to visit Bali as your honeymoon spot, then you definitely have to go at Jimbaran. There is a beach called Jimbaran Beach which will mesmerize you. This place is categorized as one of the best places in Bali for honeymoon. The scenery especially the sunset here is the greatest.

Moreover, the seafood restaurant will also add the greatness of this beach. The fusion of seafood along with the sunset will make your honeymoon to be totally memorable. In addition, this beach can be said as private since there are not too many tourists who visit this area.

24. Kuta Beach as the Most Beloved Destination

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Nowadays, who haven’t heard of Kuta Beach? This beautiful beach in Bali has become widely known to tourists around the world due to having the best sunset in Bali. Before you go to spend the holiday, there are a lot of things to do in Kuta Bali.

You can visit Waterbom for some fun swimming, go shopping at Beachwalk Mall, grab your surfboard to ride the wave, and of course enjoying the sunset view! The beach is surrounded by many hotels, restaurants, and markets around it, making tourists feel like never leaving the area. You can guarantee spending hours exploring the beach and its surroundings.

25. Take Yourself to Sanur Beach in the Morning

If you are going to Bali then you can’t miss the beaches, like Sanur Beach. It is considered one of the most popular beaches in the island known to foreigners. It has paved footpath connecting coasts, perfect for a jogging track and scenic cycling.

In addition, this place actually consists of several beaches such as Mertasari Beach, Semawang Beach, Karang Beach, Segara Ayu Beach, and the main Sindhu Beach. Sanur is also notable for having the best sunrise spots in Bali. So, when you feel like spending the morning with amazing sunrise scenery, Sanur is a must-visit to indulge yourself.

26. Geger Beach as a Hidden Gem

Geger Beach might not be too familiar to tourists, but it is still a worthy visit. It is located in the southern parts of Nusa Dua, Bali and dubbed as a secluded beach. It is famed for being a kilometer stretch of fine golden sand, also a shared beachfront to Bali National Golf Club, The St. Regis Bali, and The Mulia Bali Resort.

It has its own clifftop temple going by the name Geger. Well, the temple became its unique backdrop. This is the perfect spot for experienced surfers and casual visitors alike who want to enjoy some solitude at the ‘secret beach’.

27. Family Quality Time in Double Six Beach

Meet the needs of your family’s vitamin-sea by relaxing in one of the best beaches in Bali. The beautiful beach is called Double Six Beach, and it is located in Seminyak. There are so many fun things to do there like surfing, watching the sunset, taking the dogs for a morning run, riding a horse, and many more.

The beach also has colorful bean bags to chill, a horse stable, surfing board rental where you can rent instead of buying one, as well as surfing schools for a beginner. Those various things are much recommended for balancing between gadget and outdoor activities of your beloved kids.

28. Enjoy an Exclusive Holiday in Nusa Dua Beach

Have you ever wonder where is the beach that has the purest and clearest water? It is located in Nusa Dua, Bali. The island has the best destinations in Asia for honeymooners or family vacation. Everyone can swim in Nusa Dua Beach without necessarily worrying about the water since the brightness is very tempting.

The beach has the whitest sand you’ll ever know. Just make sure you take a selfie because the scenery is similar to that typical landscape photography in postcards. After chilling, you also can jogging while enjoying very nice surroundings. They also provide lines for cycling as well as the area’s information map.

29. The Hidden Heaven in Nyang Nyang Beach

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There is a beautiful beach in Bali. This newly discovered yet magnificent beach is different from others because it is very clean and not so crowded. The name of that secret place is Nyang Nyang Beach. In fact, you need to pass through hundreds of cliff sides to get there, nonetheless, it is hundreds percent worth it.

This quiet and untouched beach has pretty golden sand across the shore. Furthermore, in an instant you enter, you will be impressed by the blue sea. Moreover, to dramatize the unknown feel, there are two shipwrecks as ornaments that enrich the aesthetic. Well, they make this place as one of the best beaches in the world.

30. Finding Peace and Beauty at Gunung Payung Beach

If you are looking for a quiet spot on a beautiful beach in Bali, look no further than Gunung Payung Beach. It is the perfect place to visit if you feel like getting away from the usual crowded beaches in Bali. Well, it has a calm atmosphere, clean sand, and a stunning view of the blue sea.

It is quite secluded and peaceful, yet not very hard to get to. After parking, visitors will have to walk down a set of stairs to get to the beach. However, the effort will all be worth it because this is one breathtaking beach everyone needs to see to believe.

31. Fun Activities at Legian Beach

Are you looking for a lively place to hang out in Bali? Come visit Legian Beach, even its name means “sweet and pleasant” in Balinese. If you like to surf, then you’re guaranteed to catch some good waves on this beach. Other than the beautiful beach and sea, there are many shops and bars to hang out at surrounding the areas.

This beach is fun and especially great for young people. It’s great to spend time in the morning, where you can take a nice morning stroll. In the evening, you can watch the beautiful Bali sunset with your family and friends. Well, it is one fun beach you should definitely visit!

32. Surf and Dine at Bingin Beach

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Bingin Beach has it all and it is definitely one of the awesome beaches to visit in Bali. If you are looking to stay and dine near a beach, then this is the answer for you. Many lovely restaurants can be found near this place where you can have the delicious meal while accompanied by the beautiful view of the beach.

The accommodations are also easily accessible. The locals are very friendly and hospitable. In addition, this beach is a great place to surf as well. You can even rent a surfboard of take surfing lessons there. As a great place to have fun and relax, visiting this beach would be a time well spent.

33. Tanjung Benoa Beach, a Great Diving Spot for Divers from All Level

Tanjung Benoa Beach is known as a family-friendly area to enjoy various water activities. It offers wide range of attractions such as banana boat, fly fish, jet-ski, parasailing, etc. However, the beach is more notorious as a diving site. Its tranquil seawater enables tourists to dive in all seasons. It also offers a very diverse underwater ecosystem.

Well, this is one of must-visit diving spots in Bali, especially if you are new to diving. There is a special learning course provided for rookies from beginner level. Even if you are a higher level diver, there is no chance that you will want to miss its panoramic view.

34. Enjoying Rich Marine Life at Menjangan Island Beach

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Menjangan Island Beach is located inside West Bali National Park. This place has continuously been dubbed as one of the best diving sites in Indonesia. This title is very well deserved. The crystal clear water allows you to enjoy its rich marine life.

The island itself is surrounded by a massive coral reef that holds a vibrant and colorful ecosystem. You will see fishes, small sea creatures, and plants of all types and colors. It is very common to spot large groups of tuna, angelfish, and batfish swimming around its relatively calm water. If you are interested in marine life, this site should definitely be on top of your list!

35. Charming Ambience of Kayu Putih Beach

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As more tourists crowd Bali’s most famous beaches like Kuta and Nusa Dua, people start to look for other alternatives to enjoy ocean view in more serene atmosphere. Lately, people begin to visit Kayu Putih Beach to get that experience. You can revel in astounding sunset scene overlooking the ocean peacefully.

The wooden bridge built to connect the beach and nearby restaurant, La Laguna, adds a special ambience to the whole scenery. Visitors love to take pictures using sunset and the bridge as their background. This place may not be as accessible as other more famous beaches, but the experience is definitely worth it.

36. Keramas Beach as the Best Destination in Bali for Surfing

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More beaches have been found and one of them is Keramas Beach. People go to Bali for enjoying beach and sea-based tourism. Bali is a small island with different landscape, even for the beach. When you go to this beach, it is more engaging due to beautiful scenery. There, you can do surfing, diving, snorkeling, or any activity involving the boat.

Another one is simple walking around the beach alongside the warm sand. People always ask about where to surf in Bali and answer is varied. If you have time and want to do much effort, Keramas is good choice. Visiting usual and popular place is good for beginner, but not for experienced and professional surfers.

37. Enjoy Surfing at Canggu Beach

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Tourism in Bali has been on vast growth in two decades. One reason is that beach and people like to surf in challenging beach. You can find many places for surfing and one of them is Canggu Beach.

This place is not new, but still tempting for surfers around the world to defeat its wave. Canggu is one of the best beaches in Bali to put on the top list whether for regular tourist or professional surfer.

Moreover, you can enjoy beautiful scenery, particularly during sunrise and sunset. Bali is a region in Indonesia with thousand islands and there is still much opportunity to explore Bali. You can also find the other Indonesia surf spots in Bali, besides Canggu.

Those are the best beaches that you shouldn’t miss when you come to Bali. Don’t stay in one place only. Roam and explore around and you will get memorable holiday experience with these best beaches in Bali.


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